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Odyssey is UChicago’s distinct model for tackling economic obstacles to education for hard-working students of intellectual promise and financial need.

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Odyssey Closing the Achievement Gap

As the first of my family to attend college, I faced some of the challenges that first-generation students encounter. It is far more complicated today. Odyssey tackles the complex social and economic obstacles to achievement through a coordinated system of support, integrating college readiness, admissions, financial aid, and career development initiatives.

We recruit talented young people, without regard to economic status, and train them in a liberal arts curriculum that fosters confidence and competence, pushing students to articulate their goals, value their strengths, and advance their careers.

— John W. Boyer, Dean of the College, The University of Chicago

UChicago’s Model for Enrichment

College Preparation That Propels

  • On-campus courses led by UChicago faculty prepare talented high school students in Chicago Public Schools to matriculate at selective universities, including UChicago
  • Novel admissions approaches, such as college readiness workshops in low-income neighborhoods

Comprehensive Financial Aid

  • Among few US colleges that are need blind and also meet full need
  • Reduced family contributions for students with the greatest financial need for books, travel, and other activities.
  • Simplified financial support, including streamlined aid applications and waived College application fees

Career Development with Impact

  • Paid, substantive internships and research opportunities available exclusively to UChicago students each year
  • Networking opportunities with potential employers in US, global career treks, and industry-specific preprofessional programming
  • Mentorship from peers and professions that builds confidence and connections

Odyssey a Commitment to Empower

By dismantling barriers to a preeminent education, Odyssey empowers students to raise the bar for their own success in a supportive community that encourages peer mentorship and personal growth.

Paired with the University’s rigorous liberal arts education, Odyssey strengthens the University’s core commitment to merit, self-achievement, and disciplined work.