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Ten Reasons to Give to Odyssey

No. 1

Your gift makes a UChicago education possible for a student who otherwise would not be able to attend. Thank You.

No. 2

With your gift, you provide a new generation of scholars with the transformative power of a UChicago education.

No. 3

Reducing debt frees students to choose majors and career paths that align with their passions.

No. 4

The widest range of voices and experiences invigorates UChicago’s intellectual community.

No. 5

Rigorous inquiry demands immersion; eliminating the need to work allows students to focus on academic pursuits.

No. 6

Making a Chicago education available to students of any socioeconomic status reaffirms the democratic principle that tomorrow’s leaders can come from all segments of society.

No. 7

Odyssey Scholarships help the College recruit top students who might otherwise never apply.

No. 8

No one should feel they can’t access a great liberal arts education for financial reasons.

No. 9

Odyssey generates a distinct cohort of engaged alumni. To-date, a record 79.4% of Odyssey alumni have given to UChicago.

No. 10

Your gift helps to secure Odyssey Scholarships in perpetuity.

Challenge Progress

The Odyssey Scholarship Challenge has raised over $99 million to date.
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Lowering Student Debt

Odyssey Scholarships allow students full access to the College experience.
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