A group of scholarship recipients

Even Heroes Need Heroes

Homer’s Odyssey told the story of Odysseus, who used his courage, his determination, and most of all his intelligence to overcome a series of obstacles. But he didn’t do it alone. Without the help of some friendly monarchs, his brave sailors, and a sympathetic god or two, Odysseus would have been lost.

Your generosity allows our heroes — like Homer’s — to triumph over adversity. For University of Chicago Odyssey scholars, every dollar makes a difference. Every gift makes you a hero.

Attendees of an Odyssey Dinner event

Homer’s Odyssey

Odyssey was established in 2007 through a transformative gift from a UChicago graduate. The anonymous benefactor, dubbed Homer, funded annual costs while gifts from alumni and friends created an endowment to underwrite the program on a permanent basis.

In 2016, the generosity of Harriet Heyman, AM'72, and her husband, Sir Michael Moritz, enabled an expansion of Odyssey's scholarships, internships, and college preparation through the Odyssey Scholarship Program.

In making their gifts, both Homer and Heyman and Moritz hoped to inspire the UChicago community to support future University of Chicago Odyssey scholars, challenging them to match their support. In both cases, inspired alumni, family, and friends rose to that challenge.


Heroes Helping Heroes

Thousands of supporters in the UChicago community have helped Odyssey Scholars fulfill their dreams. Your heroic generosity has turned bright students into scholars, entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders.