Student Profile

Natalie R.
Natalie R. ’17
Milwaukee, WI

Recipient of the William and Lillian Bogolub Odyssey Scholarship Fund

What did you do this past summer?
For this past summer, I decided to continue working at Walgreens, a summer job I’ve had since high school. I especially focused this year on the management aspects of the job, and also spent a lot of time working on my fitness. I want to work as a nutritionist, so working in pharmacy management and on my personal fitness goals go hand-in-hand!

Please comment on the pursuit of your major and minor, as well as any other academic interests.
Previously a biology major, I have recently decided to pursue a major in comparative human development with a minor in biology. My primary scholarship is in health policy, and I plan to go to graduate school for nutritional sciences or for a master’s degree in public health.

Please tell us about a significant or memorable experience you have had during your time at UChicago.
I think all of the protests on campus over recent events going on in the United States have been especially eye-opening for me. Even though I haven’t been able to participate as much as I would like to, they have definitely had an impact on my time here. I love that some students are coming together to make a difference.

What activities do you participate in outside of the classroom? Are there any that are new from last year?
I currently work at Mansueto Library, and it is by far the best job I have ever had. I love all of my co-workers and supervisors. I plan to volunteer at the hospital and take piano lessons in the quarters to come

As a scholarship recipient, to what extent are you grateful for the support you received? What are your thoughts on how you might one day give back to the University of Chicago?
If I did not receive financial support from the donors of the University of Chicago, I would not be able to attend this institution. I am wholly grateful for the generosity exhibited by members of the community and previous alumni that have made my education possible. Thank you. I plan to donate to the Odyssey Scholarship Fund because I would love to be able to make a positive impact on another student’s life and pay it forward. I also plan to donate to Wallace House in Max Palevsky West, as I believe the housing system is really important in providing students with a home away from home at UChicago.

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