Student Profile

Jonathan A.
Jonathan A. ’17
Houston, TX

Recipient of the Martin M. and Hanna L. Rosenbaum Odyssey Scholarship

What did you do this past summer?
I interned at Vinson & Elkins LLP in Houston, TX.

Please comment on the pursuit of your major and minor, as well as any other academic interests.
I am pursuing a double major in law, letters, and society and computer science. I enjoy seeing the way logic is applied in very different ways in the courses I take for these majors.

Please tell us about a significant or memorable experience you have had during your time at UChicago.
By far my greatest memory to this day afforded to me by UChicago was the opportunity to meet with and hear a speech by President Barack Obama. The opportunity was absolutely phenomenal, and I do not think it is unreasonable to say I probably would not have gotten the chance to do this at many other universities.

What activities do you participate in outside of the classroom? Are there any that are new from last year?
I have an academic year internship through the Institute of Politics. Aside from that, I was previously an events and a fellow ambassador through the IOP, I am on House Council, and I am a co-chair of M.E.Ch.A. de UChicago, a cultural and activist organization for Chicano students at UChicago and around the country.

As a scholarship recipient, to what extent are you grateful for the support you received?  What are your thoughts on how you might one day give back to the University of Chicago?
I believe I would not have been able to attend this university without your generous support. I can only hope that I can one day give back, through financial support, and, in the same way that you have, to impact other students’ lives for the better. You deserve resounding applause and a huge thank you for collectively ensuring that students who would otherwise not be able to attend UChicago can have the opportunity to advance and enrich themselves.

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