Student Profile

Claire B.
Claire B. ’20
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Recipient of the Robert B. and Joseph Mayer Odyssey Scholarship

How did you learn about UChicago? When did you first know that UChicago was the right college for you?

I’ve always loved the city of Chicago. My dad’s family lived in northwest Indiana, and whenever we would visit, he and I would spend a day in the city. When I looked for a school there, I was intrigued by UChicago after learning of its rigorous academic curriculum and focus on the liberal arts. I wanted a well-rounded education where I could learn new things across many subjects, as well as have the research opportunities of a larger school. UChicago provided that by being a place that combines the feeling and community of a small liberal arts college with the resources and opportunities of a larger institution.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned since arriving on campus?

I’ve learned to be patient with myself in subject fields that I find challenging. The Core curriculum puts me in classes that are sometimes outside my comfort zone, but with small class sizes and professors who care, I feel comfortable sharing my opinions and answers even if they may be wrong, because I feel like the classroom is a safe environment to make mistakes and learn from them.

What has your UChicago experience been like outside the classroom?

As a member of UChicago’s cross country and track teams, I’ve been able to explore multiple neighborhoods, trails, and parks. I am also involved in the Neighborhood Schools Program, where I get to work in a CPS school and get firsthand experience in the field of education.

If you could speak directly to the person whose gift supported your scholarship, what would you say?

Thank you so much for making my dream a reality. My UChicago education is of the mind and heart and something that will open so many doors for me throughout my life. Your donations and support will allow me the opportunity to have a meaningful career in educational policy.

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