Student Profile

Cynthia G. ’18
Cynthia G. ’18
Chicago, Illinois

Recipient of the David and Mari Terman Odyssey Scholarship

How have you been enjoying your major? Are there any professors whose classes have changed or challenged you?

Although I entered UChicago as a premed student, and subsequently took physical science classes, I realized that my academic interests did not lie in biology and chemistry. I realized that I enjoyed the science behind human emotion and behavior. I took a class called Introduction to Developmental Psychology that focused on children’s development from birth to 5 years old. I really enjoyed learning all about the cognitive and biological mechanisms that go into early human development. I am continuing that path by taking on the psychology major, and I hope to go into psychological research for my career. Outside of my major, I enjoy my Social Science Inquiry class because it focuses on social phenomena and social questions. You get to learn about many of the trends you see in society, which I personally find interesting.

What activities are you involved with outside the classroom? Have you had any leadership roles in your extracurricular activities?

One of the student organizations I am involved with on campus is called MEChA, an activist and cultural group that aims at using education as a means to help the community. For Latino Heritage Week, we invited a band called Las Cafeteras to come perform at UChicago. The band held a workshop before their performance, and it was very memorable for me. I realized a lot of things about how I view my identity. They focused on the Chicano experience and how being a Latina in a higher education setting has its difficulties/benefits. I got to listen to great music but, more importantly, walk away with a new perspective on a part of my identity I had not realized was actually very important to me.

If you could speak directly to the person whose gift supported your scholarship, what would you say?

Without my scholarship, I probably would not have come to UChicago at all. So even daily things like getting coffee at Harper café or a walk in the quad is an experience I would not be able to do without my scholarship. Thank you for providing those resources that make my enrollment here possible. There are not a ton of students with similar backgrounds to mine in higher education settings, so being here means a lot to me.

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